Date: July 16, 2019

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: Knollwood Baptist Church

Presented by the NC Geriatric Adult Mental Health Specialty Team (G.A.S.T.).  Speaker:  Judy Jackson, R.N.

Program Overview:

Dementia, delirium and depression, the 3 D’s, represent some of the most common and challenging diagnoses for older adults and speak to the complexity of geriatric psychiatry. These three syndromes have great overlap and can exist simultaneously in the same person.  Having a diagnosis of one of the 3 D’s will often lead to an increased risk for another one. For example, a person who has delirium may also have underlying dementia and depression. Or, a person with dementia may also be depressed with an underlying delirium. Depression is also a common symptom of dementia.  The family and care providers will undoubtedly benefit from a solid foundation in the identification, classification, and treatment of these common problems of older adulthood.  The ability to differentiate the subtle differences is vital to optimum outcomes to older adults.  Understanding the differences and putting the proper interventions into place helps to ensure the best outcomes.

 Learning Objectives:

The program will assist participants to:

  • Understand the definition / characteristics of each of the 3 D’s
  • Understand the differences and similarities
  • Learn current assessment and diagnostic techniques
  • Learn appropriate interventions

Bio:  Judy Jackson

Judy Jackson is a registered nurse, and the newest member of the Triad Cardinal Geriatric Adult Mental Health Specialty Team (GAST).  Judy’s nursing career expands over 30+ years, as well as multiple areas of practice.  Since 1990, Judy has primarily focused on geriatric nursing, including working in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, memory care, and independent senior communities. Judy describes herself as a passionate caregiver with a desire to help those in their golden years live their best life.

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